Thursday, March 20, 2008



1. Eddie Vedder doesn't need encyclopedias. He can remember anything to this very day*
(*except the look)

2. Eddie Vedder doesn't sleep. He rests his head on a pillow made of concrete.

3. There's no odor purifier in Eddie Vedder's car. The air he's already tasted and breathed, takes a turn.

4. Eddie Vedder never goes to the doctor. One day, the symptoms fade and he throws his pills away.

5. Eddie Vedder doesn't have to make friends. He takes a walk outside and he's surrounded by kids at play.

6. Eddie Vedder hasn't got a phonebook. He sees your face in a corner picture, he recognizes your name.

7. Eddie Vedder can't go to war. The enemy lays down their arms and love him peacefully.

8. Eddie Vedder doesn't use gloves. His bitter hands can cradle broken glass.

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